Keychains and bracelets available (translated repost)

I want to offer you a chance to own keychains and bracelets with handmade lamp glass beads by yours truly.

I would like to ask a small compensation, since the lamp glass bead course and the materials cost money (and it takes time and being a student is, well..). You will get a completely unique and made-with-love decoration. You can choose the parts freely.

In the following pic there are the beads you can choose from. They have been paired as an example, but surely you can combine any ones you like the best together. A keaychain holds 1 - 3 beads nicely and in a bracelet there's room for even more if you like. The beads are solid glass, though, so they do weigh some. Therefore a bracelet's ideal number of beads would be also 1 - 3 beads.

There are more pics of these beads in the previous bead post.

Below there are a few examples of the keychains and a bracelet. You can choose to have them in either single color cord or dual colors.

More bracelets and kaychains can be found in a previous craft post.

  • A = Hemp cord. Colors are available in dark brown, white and color changing as in the above pic. Besides those, there is a cool brown color cord (a mid-tone between the dark brown and the color changing one). Hemp cord works well in keychains and is natural.
  • B = Cotton cord. It is available in black, green, red and turquoise blue! Cotton cord is more durable than hemp in a bracelet. You can also opt to combine hemp and cotton cords. If combined, though, the result may not be as smooth as only hemp or cotton cord. 

The labels in the previous pic mean the plaiting technique:

  • "Simple" is flat and even (as in B keychains and the bracelet).
  • "Stripe" is flat and the stripe width can be adjusted as wished. Stripes show well on a bracelet. Requires two different color cords.
  • "dna" is corkscrewed and looks great with two colors. Because it's three-dimensional, it works better on kaychains.

There are also other plaiting techniques which you can see if you click the link on the previous pic. Feel free to ask if you see a technique you'd like or a specific combination of techniques. Almost all kinds can be done.

The basic length of a bracelet is about 18 cm (when it is tied around the wrist). It can be tied looser as well. If you wish for a smaller circumference, just ask.

The prices are as follow:

A keychain with 1 bead: 12€, extra beads are 3€/bead

Small dangly beads (as in A keychain): 0,5 €

A bracelet with 1 bead: 14€, extra beads are 3€/bad

As an example, the keychain (A) in lower right corner in the previous pic would cost you 15,5 €.

Payments with Paypal, please. If we know eachother (IRL) and we can see seometime, cash works too. I'll send you more information on email when you enquire about an order. I can send your pieces to you by mail. Enquiries to the email:  nahkasiipipay (at) gmail.com

Ps. I will update the numbered beads pic if beads are ordered.
Pps. Disclaimer: It is advisable to take off the bracalet when you shower to keep it neat for longer. The hemp cord might shrink a bit if it gets wet. Because both hemp and cotton are organic materials, they will eventually deteriorate and break. Usually the glass beads are still in pristine condition and can be reused.

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